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Bitcoin Investment South Africa

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As a new trader you’ll also get lower minimum deal sizes for one month. You can also trade our Crypto 10 index giving you exposure to the ten largest coins with a single trade. Speculate on 10 major cryptos, or get wider exposure to the market with our Crypto 10 index. The crypto space has continued to grow and innovate at an incredible rate. Bitcoin alone only posted annualised losses for a mere two out of 12 years since its inception. The sheer volatility in this explosive space makes for an unmatched return potential.
The fact is that the number of coins is limited, so only the most successful users can buy cryptocurrency. The emergence of new cryptocurrencies competing with Bitcoin causes an outflow of customers, which negatively affects the value of the coin. Bitcoin is a digital currency located only in the virtual luno bitcoin world. Therefore, the user does not pay a large commission for using the banking system and other services. Only the minimum percentage is deducted for capacity maintenance. The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds.

Conforming to local laws, cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, are a completely legal asset that can be used to buy goods, pay for services, and most importantly, for trading. Coins are accepted by a state bank and can be used for private transactions. Therefore, you can see how to invest Bitcoin without breaking the law. Another great feature of the best Bitcoin brokers in South Africa is the crypto wallets that they offer. Thanks to Bitcoin being a digital asset, there is no way to store your Bitcoin holdings in a physical location.
The ultimate bot for crypto traders to increase profits while reducing risk, minimizing loss, and automate workload. It can be stressful and pretty emotional when your hard-earned money is involved. Let go of all that stress and counter volatility by leveraging auto trading bots.
The best Bitcoin brokers in South Africa provide a streamlined way for you to buy and sell Bitcoin from the comfort of your own home. Regulated Bitcoin brokers such as eToro act as intermediaries in the Bitcoin market, pairing buyers and sellers together in a cost-effective and straightforward manner. As does not charge any commissions, the only fee you’ll have to worry about when placing a trade is the spread. This spread fluctuates depending on market conditions but usually remains tight on liquid assets such as Bitcoin. If you’re looking to buy cryptocurrency with leverage, then an excellent option for you might be Plus500. Regulated by the FCA and ASIC and listed on the London Stock Exchange, Plus500 is a safe and reliable broker to buy Bitcoin in South Africa.

Many share trading platforms will charge a fee for making a deposit or a withdrawal – this can either be a percentage of the value or a flat fee. Another of the best Bitcoin brokers in South Africa is are primarily a CFD trading broker, which means that users can speculate on the prices of various cryptocurrencies quickly and easily.
It was first established in 2013 as a cloud mining provider but has now become a multi-functionalcryptocurrency exchange, trusted by over 3 million users. BitFund stores cryptocurrencies securely offline in deep cold storage. Cryptocurrency is one of the best investment options around, and OVEX makes it easy for both new and experienced investors to buy and sell their preferred currencies.

In fact, the JSE Top40 is up 19.2% for the year compared to Bitcoin’s 344%. With all these great features, it is easy to see why OVEX’s OTC desk trades volumes of around R4 billion per month. All you have to do is choose the currency you wish to buy, the currency you wish to pay with, and the amount you would like to spend. Advanced real-time tool to find out where the market is going, and what others are doing.
Due diligence is done on a usability, legal, compliance and technical security basis. We make it simple to add a diversified cryptocurrency investment to complement existing traditional investments. Select from our various pre-specified portfolios or, for more experienced investors, customise your portfolio to preference and get started with your next investment. BitFund removes the barriers to entry of investing in the cryptocurrency market — allowing everyone to be part of this financial revolution. OVEX supports an extensive range of cryptocurrencies – including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, USDT, and TUSD – and offers incredibly affordable rates on its intuitive platform. Standard banks check a lot of parameters (credit histories of owners, personal data, etc.) before placing a deal.
The reason the Binance network can operate at a much faster transaction speed is due to the fact that it only uses 21 validators. Therefore, much like Solana, it would appear that the BSC is giving up some decentralisation to bring about faster transactions. From the above graphic, you can see the extent of Binance’s dominance in trading volume compared to its competitors. To put this into perspective, the second-largest exchange is only about a 5th of Binance’s volume. Satrix is the leading provider of index-tracking solutions in South Africa. Although the negative side is that you won’t actually own bitcoin.

Currently, the only way to buy crypto is through a cryptocurrency trading exchange and you need a separate app to access these. You can’t buy it from banks or investment houses, and you can’t use it directly to pay for major purchases or to make transfers. The more people who seek to use Bitcoin for transactions, the greater its value.
As well as bitcoin, we offer other cryptocurrencies including bitcoin cash and ether - all of which you can trade with CFDs. Choose the best price with direct market access for your cryptocurrency CFD trades. The key charge to be aware of when trading cryptocurrencies is the spread – a charge for executing your trade. We benchmark our fees to keep them among the lowest in the business. If you want to diversify into cryptocurrency, OVEX is the best option for South Africans – both for institutional investors and those investing in their personal capacity. OVEX is a leading South African cryptocurrency exchange that only ever lists assets that meet the exchange’s stringent eligibility requirements.
You can earn profits by correctly speculating the price of Bitcoin in the market. It is the best and low-cost way to start your trading career and learn how the market works. Profit margins depend on the difference between your entry point and your exit point.

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