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Cosmetic Injection Clinic Melbourne

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We offer various ways to help alleviate any discomfort or anxiety from the procedure. Generally, there are few side effects to treatment, and no downtime involved. Occasionally, a bruise may appear over the treated area, but is more common around the eyes. There is usually some transient redness and swelling of the treated area , and this usually lasts for less than one hour. Other possible adverse outcomes include; asymmetrical results, failure to cause a significant change in the wrinkles , puffy eyes , and a drooping mouth corner . In addition to this, anti-wrinkle injections can also be used to treat armpit, hand, feet and facial sweating.
We charge from $4.50 per unit depending on the product used – read about anti-wrinkle costsor have a look at ourbefore/after photos. Every lip filler appointment starts with a bespoke consultation at one of our Melbourne clinics to discuss your desired aesthetic and how we can help you achieve face slimming injection the best results. Following a consultation with our doctor, the lips are numbed using a nerve block which enables you to have the procedure with no discomfort. After the procedure, you will receive comprehensive aftercare and access to our 24/7 phone line for any questions you may have.

Our registered nurses work alongside experienced skin doctors to deliver cosmetic treatments you can trust. During the treatment you may feel minor discomfort, but most of our clients experience little to no pain at all. This is because most dermal fillers have a local anaesthetic (0.3% lidocaine) included in the product, and we often administer additional local anesthetic. The cosmetic injections cost can depend on a number of factors, including the type of cosmetic injectable and the specific concern being treated. After conducting an analysis of your skin, our doctor will be able to recommend a suitable option and provide an accurate estimate of the cost.
Dermal fillers work by augmenting the volume of folds and sunken areas of the face, increasing both the volume and the hydration of the area. Anti-wrinkle injection can smooth lines and reduce expression lines such as frown lines, crow’s feet, glabella lines and smile lines with a nature finish look. Our team are more than happy to help answer your questions about treatments and products. Platelet Rich Plasma is a revolutionary new injectable treatment, designed to rejuvenate and regenerate skin conditions related to ageing and scarring. Thread Liftingis the latest technology to help with facial retightening. Detailed explanation of your tailored plan, treatments, expectations and timelines.
Dermal fillers can replenish these areas and help you feel like yourself again. They’re usually made out of hyaluronic acid, a substance that is naturally found in the body. When it’s injected into specific areas of skin, hyaluronic acid can fill in empty spaces, adding subtle lift and support. As part of the Laser Clinics Australia network our Melbourne CBD clinic provides excellent quality and service. Our hard-working team, comprised of passionate and dedicated professionals, is committed to providing affordable, accessible and reliable cosmetic treatments. Contact us today by clicking here to find out how dermal fillers can be used as an extra for your specific dental treatment.

The clinic offers a range of treatments, including anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, chemical peels and laser skin treatments. DermaCare is among Melbourne's leading non-invasive laser and aesthetic skin treatment clinics. The clinic is located just opposite the Moonee Ponds train station, so book in now for your complimentary consultation and your personalised treatment. AtM1 Med Beauty Melbourne, we offer a range of dermal filler treatments and anti-wrinkle injections including lip enhancement, cheek filler, and frown lines. All of our non-invasive treatments are performed by our team ofhighly-qualifiedM1 Cosmetic Doctors, who are all graduates of theM1 AkademieandAHPRA-registered.
We take time to understand you and your needs to get to best result. All appointments are free and come with no-obligation to commit to our cosmetic treatments. I would like to receive updates via email regarding training courses, events, cosmetic modeling, clinic treatments, the latest news, and developments from Derma Medical.

However, with revolutionary advancements, there are various products in cosmetic surgery which can now restore the primary skin volume, attaining a more natural and longer-lasting outcome. The longevity of filler can range from 9-24 months, depending on the type of product injected. In the same way, naturally occurring hyaluronic acid is metabolised by the body, so too are injectables. Injectable fillers are used to treat lines which are permanently creased. The product is placed beneath the wrinkle or a fold in the skin to add volume and ‘fill in’ the depression to create a smoother appearance on the surface of the skin. Depleted cheek volume is often a primary signal of the ageing process, with the migration of natural volume dropping closer to the jawline.
Laser Clinics is the largest aesthetic clinic company globally and our Medical Team of Doctors and Registered Nurses will provide a tailored treatment plan to you. With over 180 clinics globally, we deliver more treatments and the best results. The most common treatment areas for wrinkle reduction are crow’s feet , glabella and the forehead. Other areas including ‘bunny lines’ , jaw-line, chin and neck may also be treated and at Australian Skin Clinics, we have experienced practitioners who treat even the most complex areas.

I was quoted the exact cost when I made my initial enquiry by email. Here at Dermalife, we understand how important your skin is to your confidence, which is why our clinicians are focused on results. Depending on the product used the results can last anywhere between 6 to 18 months. Led by Medical Director Dr Ben Chan, our team has helped thousands of Australians with their skin concerns for over 35 years.
We get asked questions by clients wanted to reduce the visible signs of acne scarring.... Simply contact us for your initial consultation, where we will discuss with you what is a realistic and achievable outcome, and what to expect from your treatment. To prevent patients becoming resistant to anti-wrinkle injections we only administer botulinum toxin that does not contain the complexing proteins that may cause an immune response. After treatment, the skin is cleansed again with anti-septic, removing any blood or markings. We then use the Accuvein vein finder to establish the locations of any veins in the treatment areas. Visualising and avoiding veins helps to reduce bruising post-treatment.
Maximise facial activity for half an hour after your treatment and avoid lying down horizontal for 4 hours. Avoid exercise for 24 hours and do not have facial treatments, rub or massage the treated area. It generally takes three to 10 days after the treatment for the maximum results to develop fully and re-treatment should not occur within that period. As we age, the turnover of collagen cells in our skin slows, making our complexion appear dull and tired especially around the eyes and mouth.

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